Blue World Hosting has been in existence in some form since 2003 based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Originally formed by a group of friends who ran a community forum, which quickly outgrew its shared web hosting plan and needed its own server. The lifespan of the original business concept was short-lived as the shared hosting market had become saturated with attractive low-cost alternatives.

Fast-forward to the present where Blue World Hosting exists as a sole proprietorship, ran by myself, Jesse Rehmer. Throughout the time Blue World Hosting has existed I have been employed as a Systems Engineer for a large Enterprise-scale Managed Hosting Provider based in St. Louis. Blue World Hosting has existed mostly as a playground for my side projects and a place to reliably host my e-mail and other services I don’t trust outsourcing.

Recently I’ve taking on projects and assumed technical roles with non-profit organizations where I was thrusted back into the horrors of dealing with low quality shared hosting providers. Being in charge of multiple non-profit web hosting accounts reminded me how poorly executed shared web hosting platforms have been, and unfortunately still are today. After experiencing slow server response times, poor bandwidth throughput, bounced e-mails due to blacklisting, and lack of insight into the hosting environment’s configuration, I decided to get back into the share web hosting business with a focus on small businesses in the St. Louis region and non-profit organizations in need of reliable and affordable hosting solutions.

I don’t have a fancy logo, marketing budget, or lots of eye-catching enticements to lure you to sign up for a hosting package. What I do have is the experience and drive to ensure that your website is hosted on a platform which is available, responsive, and well maintained. My personal websites, e-mail accounts, calendar, file store, etc. are hosted on the same platform as my customers – when system-wide issues occur I am likely the first “consumer” to notice and generally resolve before impact is noticed by others.