Welcome to BlueWorld Hosting!

What do we offer?

Reliable, secure, performant, and no-frills web hosting and related services to
end-users, non-profits, and small businesses.

We may not look like much, but offer the same level of services as the big
names, but at a fraction of the cost, with greater knowledge and care for
Internet fundamentals, and with a small town feel.

We sprouted during the BBS and Dial-up ISP days, went off to run networks and
enterprise systems for other companies to pay the bills, but have always been
around providing services to friends, family, and organizations - mostly for
free and fun.

Whether you're looking for performant, low-cost web hosting services based in
St. Louis, Missouri to launch your next big project, or seeking a home for
legacy services such as Usenet, FreeBSD jails/shell accounts, telnet/SSH-based
BBS systems, or archive sites - we can be your trusted partner.

Current service offerings include but not limited to:

- Website hosting - PHP 7.x/8.x - NGINX, Apache, HAProxy
- Database services including MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL
- E-mail services including SMTP, IMAP4, POP3
- FreeBSD 13.1 shell accounts
- FreeBSD 13.1 Jails with root access
- VMWare Virtual Machines
- Usenet Peering, Reading, and Virtual servers (nnrpd configurations with
custom host/path name exclusive to you)
- DNS services include DNSSEC (DoT and DoH on the way!)

We do all that other cool stuff like hardware firewalls, IPSec VPN Tunnels,
IPv6, etc.

All services are provided on FreeBSD with the exception of VMWare VMs where you
may run Linux, if you really must. ;)

We are forced to deal with Linux in our "jobs" and find all distributions to be
equally lacking, so there is comfort in working with a mature (real) Operating

Contact jesse@blueworldhosting.com if you want to know more.

Usenet services: http://usenet.blueworldhosting.com

Utzoo Usenet Archives: http://blueworldhosting.com/utzoo